Eustis Water Department Plant

Deputy Director for Public Utilities - Greg Dobbins

The City of Eustis Water Department's goal is to operate its water production and distribution systems in the most efficient manner possible. That includes the production of high quality water from the water treatment facilities, providing timely maintenance and repairs of the water and sewer infrastructure, promoting water conservation, and providing water system up-grades to better service the customer.

The services we provide to you are:

  • Department Administration
  • Water Treatment and Pumping Operations
  • Water Distribution System Repairs and Maintenance
  • Sanitary Sewer System Repairs and Maintenance
  • Backflow prevention and Cross Connection Services
  • Grounds Maintenance of all Water and Sewer Facilities
  • Water Quality Inspections
  • Customer Related Inquiries of Low Pressure, Water Quality, Leaks, or Sewer Problems at the Street Connection.
  • Water System Renewal and Replacement
  • Water System Expansion Projects
  • New Utility Construction Inspections
  • Reclaimed Water Expansion Projects.

For any of the above service related inquiries, you may contact the Water Department with your questions. 

If you have an after hour utility related emergency, you can contact the Eustis Police Department at (352) 483-5400. There will be an $85.00 charge for after hours turn on or emergency turn offs. 

Water Quality Reports

Learn what to do in the fall, winter, and spring to help keep nitrogen and phosphorus from running into our lakes and streams. 
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Learn more about stormwater runoff and how you can help protect our environment from pollution.
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