City Projects

Water Department Blue Pipe
City public works projects that are currently taking place throughout the city limits. 


Ardice Water Treatment Plant:

The Contractor has substantially completed all remaining punch list items of the project. All required start-up and testing is complete, and the plant is currently operational. Staff is has completed a final walk through with the Contractor. The project will be complete with the submittal of  closeout documentation from the contractor.

Bates Ave WWTP Expansion:

The engineering scope has been approved by the City Commission.  Based on the kick-off meeting, City staff has been supplying the engineer with sample results, DEP reports and as-builts from previous projects.

Commission Chamber Renovations: 

Awarded to Jacob P Smith Builders.  Anticipated start date is June 2021 and to be finished by the August 2021. Scope includes new carpet and chairs, new wall coverings, ceiling tiles, rework of the dais and new AV equipment. 

Eastern Area Water, Reclaimed & Wastewater Hydraulic Modeling:

The hydraulic model is complete. The Project Engineer and the Water Department are finalizing a few field measurements to complete the reclaimed portion of the hydraulic model. The Water & Wastewater Department now has a functional computer based hydraulic model for water and waste water which will be an effective tool to simulate any potential changes in the eastern water and wastewater system.

Eastern WWTP Transfer Pump Station:

The City’s contracted engineering firm completed all the bidding plans and specifications as well as all associated permitting. City staff is currently working on preparing the bid documents to advertise this project for contractor bidding.

Frosti Way Drainage Improvements:  

Underground system has been completed.  Waiting on Curb replacement and then roadway from CR 19A to Douglas Dr. will be repaved.  

Haselton WTP Generator: 

All required testing is complete, and the generator is now operational. The final walk through is complete. The City will close out this project after submittal of the operations and maintenance manuals.  

Woodward Ave. Improvements:  

Art Walker Construction will do the improvements.  Goes to City Commission for Bid Award on May 20.  Work includes replacing old clay storm pipe and sanitary sewer.  Removal of concrete road base and replacement of roadway and curbing.  Anticipated start date for the project to begin second week of July.  Contractor has 270 days from Notice to Proceed to complete project.