City Projects

Water Department Blue Pipe
City public works projects that are currently taking place throughout the city limits. 


Bates Ave WWTP Expansion:

The Phase 1 engineering package has been completed.  Phase 2 Engineering has been awarded, and the team is now in design to provide the construction plans. The engineer and Construction Manager provided a cost estimate that was submitted to City staff and is currently being evaluated. 

Eastern WWTP Transfer Pump Station:

This project will coincide with the reclaim pond lining project.  Construction site crews have started the installation process on the pump station. 

Woodward Ave. Improvements:  

Update (4/20/22): Due to the work on Woodward Ave., there is currently a pipe that crosses over driveway's of homes on the street. The pipe is soft and it can be driven over without damage to the pipe or vehicles.  

This project is a partnership between City Public Works crews and a private contractor.  Construction from the City portion of the project is completed. Stormwater improvements finished at Stevens Ave. Contractor, Art Walker started construction to perform their section of the project. The contractor’s crews have installed the deepest structure at the corner of King St. and Woodward Ave. They continue to work through groundwater challenges, as they move eastward on Woodward Ave. installing sanitary sewer pipe. 

Due to the issues with groundwater, the project has been on a temporary hold.  On Monday April 11, 2022, City Staff were able to meet with Art Walker Construction and come up with a resolution.   Beginning Tuesday, April 19th, crews will be on site to install wellpointing and begin pumping water from the jobsite to a detention pond.  By pumping water to this pond, it will allow the impurities to settle before overflowing into our storm system and into the lakes and canals, allowing Art Walker Construction to stay ahead of the water.  This should improve production and get crews moving again. Project still still estimated to be completed by fall of 2022. 

If you have any questions or concerns you may call Mike Brisson, City of Eustis Project Manager at 352-483-5460 or email at

Umatilla Wastewater Interconnection with the City of Eustis:

The City of Umatilla’s contractor is working on completing the installation of the wastewater pipe and fittings in order to make the connection to our Wastewater Treatment Plant.