Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for providing the following services:


* Please note the City of Eustis does not have zoning districts. The City regulates and approves land use activities in accordance with the Future Land Use Map designations in the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Regulations.

Every effort is made to insure that information provided herein is timely and correct; however, users should keep in mind that this information is provided only as a public convenience. In any case where reliance on information is required, the official records of the city should be consulted.

In DRC Review
  • Orange Ave Townhomes
  • Preliminary Plat approved at Aug. 5 City Commission (Res. No. 21-50)
  • Final Engineering and Construction plans currently under review by DRC
  • Review comments scheduled for discussion at Tue, Sept. 14th DRC meeting
  • 32-lot, single-family townhome residential subdivision on approximately 3.9 acres located on the south side of East Orange Avenue (between Abrams Rd. and Fruitwood Ave.)

  • Royal Brothers (Grafton Ridge) Subdivision
  • Sept. 9th City Commission meeting to consider approval of preliminary subdivision plat (phase 1) with waivers.
  • 77-lot single-family residential subdivision, on approximately 14.8 acres on the East side of David Walker Drive, approximately 1,000 feet north of Mount Homer Road
  • Storage Depot Expansion 
Awaiting Resubmittal/Submittal
  • Trout Landing Townhomes
    Concept plan approved at City Commission on June 17, 2021. Awaiting Site Plan Submittal for project to move forward
    62-lot single-family attached  residential subdivision (townhouse lots) on approximately 6.08 acres located at the northwest corner of CR 452 and N. SR 19, east of Northshore Drive
    Alt. Keys: 1098220 & 1705894
  • Ace Hardware
    Approved at Commission Hearing on December 17, 2020. Building Permits and Pre-Construction Meeting pending submittal
    Retail store with some future mini-storage units on approximately 3.54 acres located on North SR 19, one block south of West CR 44

  • Amsdell/Compass Storage Modification
    36522-36622 CR 19A 
    Public Storage Facility - awaiting resubmittal

  • Eustis Marina Expansion (Boat Storage Area)
    Development Review Committee Approved site plan on 11/24/2020 subject to submittal of a site plan with a few corrections.  Awaiting resubmittal.
    On Lakeshore Drive
  • El Shaddai Christian Academy
  • Awaiting resubmittal of site plan
    719 E Orange Ave

  • W Woodward Boathouse Expansion
  • DRC Approved 9/01/2020 subject to submittal of a revised site plan
    300 West Woodward
  • Rose Harmony Events Site Plan
    Proposed events venue
    211 N. Grove St. - awaiting resubmittal
  • 7-Eleven at 36536 S Fish Camp
  • Tri Lakes Products
    Commercial building for Tri-Lake Products, a light manufacturing construction products business. Awaiting resubmittal.

  • Eustis-Superior Storage (Randazzo) Site Plan modification
  • Awaiting resubmittal per comments at 8/3/2021 DRC meeting
  • 2200 CR 452

  • Pine Meadows Subdivision  
  • Resolution No. 21-61, approved at Aug. 19th City Commission, for concept plan (no entitlements granted)
    Awaiting further submittals to move forward
    Mixed-product single-family residential subdivision on approximately 239.8 acres
  • Located on the north and south sides of Pine Meadows Golf Course Road, with frontage on CR 44

Under Construction
  • Farmstead 44
  • Duplex project off East County Road 44

  • Prime Plumbing 
  • 5.9 acres at 37136 State Road 19
    Prime Pluming office, showroom and warehousing

  • Lulu’s Candles (within Cobb Commerce Park, Expansion to Lot 7)
  • Temporary Certificate of Occupancy issued
    Conditional sign request approved at Aug. 5th City Commission Meeting (Res. No. 21-51)

  • Magnolia Street Apartments - E Magnolia Ave and N Dewey St

  • Oakwood Apartments - North side of E Orange Ave, East of Glover St, West of Oak Ct

  • Eleven Oaks - 69 lot (35 single family residences and 34 townhomes) at E CR 44 and E Orange Ave
  • Inspection occurred on 8/27/2021, working towards approvals and partial Certificate of Occupancy

  • Lake Lincoln Subdivision – 121 Single Family Dwelling Units at northwest corner of Estes Rd and Lake Lincoln Ln (Hanover Land Company)

  • Oakmere – residential subdivision on north side of Bates Ave, west of Estes Rd, north of Blue Lake (Apex Homes / Avalon Park Group)

  • Aero Door - Site Plan Minor Modification – 2770 Dillard Road

  • Contractor Storage Yard modifications at 505 Smith Street

  • Lake House at Eustis ( Senior Assisted Living Facility)

    Development Review Committee Approved site plan on 9/29/2020 - Building Permits Approved submittal
    NE corner of Northshore Drive and West of Wilt Avenue

Recently Completed
  • Valencia Grove II
    Southeast corner Dillard Road and Mt. Homer Rd
    Senior affordable housing

  • Circle K 
    Recently opened at the Southeast corner of 44 and E Orange Ave