Planning Department

The Planning Department is responsible for providing the following services:



* For information on a particular property, it is highly encouraged to email staff at with information on the subject property and specific questions so that staff can research the inquiry to provide the best possible response to assist.

* Please note the City of Eustis does not have zoning districts. The City regulates and approves land use activities in accordance with the Future Land Use Map designations in the Comprehensive Plan and the Land Development Regulations.

* Please be advised that the estimated permit plan review time is as follows:
     - Planning: 7 to 14 business days
     - Building Official/Sr. Fire Inspector: 7 to 10 days

Following reviews by planning, building, and fire, may be an additional day or so for administrative processing. The review time is the same for all permits whether a revision or new submittal.

Every effort is made to insure that information provided herein is timely and correct; however, users should keep in mind that this information is provided only as a public convenience. In any case where reliance on information is required, the official records of the city should be consulted.

In DRC Review
  • Free-Standing Emergency Room
  • Site plan under review.
    Alternate Key Number 1782597.
    On North side of US Highway 441, south of Lake Woodward.
    Proposal of a 10,860-square-foot free-standing emergency room on 3.11-acre property.


Items on City Commission Agenda








  • June 2, 2022 - Annexation Request: CR 44 and Grand Island (AK #s 3395948 and 1407877) (2022-A-02 / 2022-CPLUS-02)
  • June 16, 2022 - Prime Plumbing site plan with waivers (2022-MOD-01) – Resolution 22-40
  • July 7, 2022 - Eustis Saver Storage expansion Site Plan Modification (2022-MOD-03)2910 Kurt St (AK #3875718), Chelsea Square Station subdivision Preliminary Subdivision Plat (2022-S-01) for waiver request to connect to (1) Lake Lincoln Subdivision. 

Awaiting Resubmittal/Submittal
  • Chelsea Square Station Subdivision
    Preliminary subdivision plat under review by staff.
    North side of State Road 44, between Rust Road and Estes Road, across SR 44 from Eustis Self Storage.
    Alternate Key Numbers 1069301 and 3881312.
    On April 1, 2021, the City Commission approved a concept plan for the Chelsea Square Station subdivision via Resolution Number 21-17. Concept Plan approval grants no entitlements.
    - This project proposes 114 single family residential homes on 28.62 acres, 1.51 of which is wetlands
  • Warehouse Flex Building in Cobb Commerce Park (2022-SP-05)
    Applicant: Fernando Rey
    Online application received April 25, 2022
  • Outside Utility Connection Request for Properties Near Lake Yale (~34 properties) (2022-M-04)
    Potentially June 2 City Commission
    N of CR 452, W of Fish Camp Rd, S of Lake Yale
  • Certificate of Appropriateness for fence at women’s club in historic district
    May 11 Historic Preservation Board meeting agenda item
    Was on agenda for special HPB meeting on April 13 then a quorum was not available, so meeting was cancelled
    Approved during May 11 HPB meeting
    Staff owes approval letter/documentation to applicant
    Next step is building permit
  • Central Florida Counterbore & Diesel, Inc. Site Plan (2022-SP-04DP)
    Lot 6 in Cobb Commerce Park
    During the May 10, 2022 DRC meeting, staff determined that no waivers will be needed, so this can be processed as a Development Plan application 
  • Grand Island Subdivision PSP (2022-S-02) and FECP (2022-FECP-04)
    Alternate Key #1407745
    Pre-application meeting took place on September 28, 2021
    Proposing a 40-lot subdivision on 10.721 acres
  • Pre-application meeting on 5/3/22 re: 18-unit subdivision proposal
    North of Bates on the west side of Estes Rd
    Alternate Key # 3862867
    Suburban Residential land use, Suburban Neighborhood design district (ORD’s 21-18, 21-19, 21-20)
  • Forward Paths Tiny Homes on E Woodward Ave (AK #1190321) (2022-SP-03)
    Incomplete submittal received on April 5, 2022. Notified applicant. Awaiting complete submittal package before distributing for review and scheduling for DRC
  • Lake House at Eustis (ALF) (2020-SP-04DP)
    DRC Approved 9/29/2020
    Building Permits Approved in 2021
    Currently on hold
  • Tri Lakes Products - Commercial building for Tri-Lake Products, a light manufacturing construction products business.
    Awaiting resubmittal. Applicant on hold due to building materials and rebidding job
  • Amsdell/Compass Storage (2021-MOD-01)
    Awaiting full resubmittal (partial resubmittal received September 2021) to be able to transmit to DRC for review. Outstanding code violation
  • Eustis-Superior Storage (Randazzo) (2019-MOD-03)

Under Construction 
  • Mayhill subdivision final plat (2021-S-07)
    north side of Bates Ave, west of Estes Rd, north of Blue Lake. formerly was known as Oakmere / Bates subdivision. 
  • Elliano’s Coffee
    drive-thru only coffee shop at 2520 South Bay Street (AK #1197023)
  • Scooter’s Coffee
    Site Plan with waivers (2021-SP-03) was approved w/conditions by DRC on Jan 18 and approved by City Commission on Feb 17
  • North Eustis Ace Hardware (2020-SP-06DP and 2022-M-02)
    The City Commission approved the Site Plan with waivers and phasing plan for this project 
  • East CR 44 Duplex Project (2020-SP-07DP)
    Farmstead 44 near Spring Ridge Estates
    5 duplex buildings / 10 total dwelling units

    Alternate Key #1126614

  • Grafton Ridge (FKA Royal Brothers) Subdivision Final Engineering and Construction Plans for the Royal Brothers subdivision, which is a 77-lot, single-family townhome residential subdivision on approximately 15.13 acres. 77-lot subdivision on 15.13 acres
    Alternate Key Numbers 1216826, 3906374, 1216834, and 1094909
  • Prime Plumbing 
    5.9 acres at 37136 State Road 19
  • Oakwood Apartments (2018-SP-02)
    North side of E Orange Ave, East of Glover St, West of Oak Ct
  • Eleven Oaks
    69 lot (35 single family residences and 34 townhomes) subdivision at E CR 44 and E Orange Ave
  • Lake Lincoln Subdivision – 121 Single Family Dwelling Units at northwest corner of Estes Rd and Lake Lincoln Ln (Hanover Land Company) Plat approved on Jan. 6 2022 by City Commission 
  • 7Eleven
    SE corner of S Fish Camp Rd and CR 44, 36536 S Fish Camp Rd
    Site plan with waivers approved by City Commission November 4, 2021 
  • Storage Depot FECP (2022-FECP-01)