Development/Planning Projects

Under Review: 
  • Estes Reserve subdivision (N. of Estes Rd. and Lake Lincoln Lane)
  • Multifamily Development at Waycross and SR 44 (Taylor Morrison)
  • Warehouse Flex Building in Cobb Commerce Park
  • Grand Island Subdivision (N.E. corner of the intersection of South Fish Camp Rd and Grand Island Shores Rd) - Proposing a 40-lot subdivision on 10.721 acres
  • Pine Meadows Reserve Subdivision (Hanover Land Company) - 240.43 acres (148.23 acres of uplands, 92.2 acres of wetlands). The subdivision comprises of 548 single family residential lots (406 single family detached, 142 single family attached)
  • McDonald Manor multifamily development (12 dwelling units) on N. Dewey St.
  • Trinity Family Medical Center at 1850 Prevatt St.
  • Forward Paths Tiny Homes on E. Woodward Ave.

Under Construction:
  • Tractor Supply greenhouse / garden center addition (100 Ardice Avenue, Suite 1)
  • Prime Plumbing facility expansion at 37136 State Road 19
  • Grafton Ridge subdivision – 77 lots on the east side of David Walker Drive, west of Kurt Street, north of Mt Homer Rd and W Ardice Ave., south of W. Golflinks Ave.
  • Farmstead 44 duplex project (adjacent to Spring Ridge Estates)
  • Eleven Oaks subdivision (69 lot (35 single family residences and 34 townhomes) subdivision at E CR 44 and E. Orange Ave.)
  • Lake Lincoln Lookout subdivision – 18 single family homes at the northeast corner of Estes and Lake Lincoln Lane
  • Free-Standing Emergency Room on North side of US Highway 441, south of Lake Woodward
  • Doerfler Manufacturing facility on lot 5 in Cobb Commerce Park
  • Central Florida Counterbore and Diesel, Inc. facility on lot 6 in Cobb Commerce Park
  • El Shaddai Christian Educational Academy at 719 E Orange Ave.
  • Mayhill subdivision – 49 dwelling units on north side of Bates Ave., west of Estes Rd., north of Blue Lake (Avex Homes / Avalon Park Group)
  • Elliano’s Coffee at 2520 S Bay St.
  • Scooter’s Coffee at 809 S Bay St.
  • N. Eustis Ace Hardware on west side of SR 19 near W CR 44, about one block south of Publix
  • Lake Lincoln subdivision – 121 Single Family Dwelling Units at northwest corner of Estes Rd and Lake Lincoln Ln. (Hanover Land Company)
  • Lake Eustis Marina
  • 7Eleven at SE corner of S. Fish Camp Rd. and CR 44 (36536 S Fish Camp Rd.)
  • Storage Depot on McKinley Rd.