Development / Planning Projects

Under Review by Development Review Committee

  • 7-Eleven Convenience Store (1st Review – FECP): Construction of a new 4,750 sq. ft. convenience store on 2.0 acres at the intersection of Abrams Road and Orange Avenue.  Project includes the 4,480 sq. ft. fuel canopy and 990 sq. ft. car wash facility.  (Alt. Key: 1443024)
  • Eustis Self Storage (3rd Review – SP): Construction of 4 buildings (totaling: 13, 273 sq. ft.) on a 1 acre outparcel of the Eustis Village Shopping Center near the intersection of David Walker Drive and Huffstetler Drive. (Alt. Key: 3853069)
  • Eustis SR19 Subdivision (3rd Review – S): Development of a 51.87 acre site with 59 homes and 212 townhomes on property north of the intersection of Powers Road and SR19 in the north part of the City. (Alt. Keys: 1094739, 1782414, 3846883)
  • Freestanding Emergency Room (Pre-App): Construction of an 11,600 square foot free-standing emergency room facility at the old Lowe’s property (9.3 acres) on U.S. Highway 441 and Dillard Street. The project will involve phasing and include a helipad in Phase 1. (Alt. Key: 1036879)
  • Grand Island Subdivision Final Plat (1st Review – FP): Completion of a 40-lot subdivision at S. Fish Camp Road and Grand Island Shores Road on 10.7 acres. (Alt. Key: 1407745)
  • Kurt Street Townhomes (2nd Review – FECP): Construction of 62 townhomes in 13 buildings on 5.97 acres behind the Eustis Community Center on Kurt Street and directly west of the Lake Tech College campus. (Alt. Key: 2930497, 3859180)
  • Seminole Powersports North (Pre-App): Expansion of the current 29,463 sq. ft. Powersports building to 43,236 sq. ft. This addition will include new space for a service bay, parts storage, reception area and pre-delivery area. (Alt. Key: 3462742)
  • Zaxby’s Restaurant (1st Review – SP): The construction of a 2,904 sq. ft. restaurant on 2.57 acres located between Golden Coral Restaurant and the former Center State Bank building on US Highway 441. (Alt. Keys: 1632501, 3800670)

Pre-App: Pre-Application Conference

SP: Site Plan

S: Subdivision

FECP: Final Engineering and Construction Plans

FP: Final Plat

Alt. Key: Lake County Property Appraiser’s Alternate Key Number

Projects Approved/ Under Construction

  • Angler’s Point Subdivision: Construction of a 48 single family lot subdivision on 16.27 acres on the north side of County Road 44, east of the Grand Island Dollar General Store.  (Alt. Keys: 1407877, 3395948)
  • Boughan Maintenance Facility: Construction of a 10,080 s.f. metal building including space for 3 repair bays, 2 offices, breakroom, light storage and parts storage. The 7.2 acre site is located on County Road 44 at North Country Road. (Alt. Key: 1588405, 1803861)
  • Central Florida Counterbore & Diesel: Development of an 8,000 s.f metal building including 4 bays on Lot 6 (3.19 acres) within the Cobb Commerce Park. (Alt. Key: 3910933)
  • Coney Island Hot Dogs Restaurant: Conversion of a 3,700 square foot convenience store into a restaurant on U.S. Highway 441 just east of Seminole Powersports and Dillard Street. (Alt. Key: 3754891)
  • Doerfler Manufacturing Operations Center: Construction of a 20,700 s.f. on a 4.22 acre lot (Lot 5) within the Cobb Commerce Park. (Alt. Key: 3910932)
  • Hidden Cove Subdivision: Construction of a 43 single family lot subdivision on 12.97 acres off of E. Lakeview Drive and W. Crooked Lake. (Alt. Key: 1216044)
  • Lakehouse at Eustis: Construction of a 85,457 s.f. assisted living facility (103 beds) on 2.09 acres off of Northshore Drive, W. Pendleton Avenue and N. Bay Street. (Alt. Keys: 1197473, 1197481, 1635063, 1635071, 1635080, 3692071, 3824703, and 3915725).
  • Lake Lincoln Lookout Subdivision: Construction of 18 single family subdivision on 5.25 acres at the northeast corner of Estes Road and Lake Lincoln Lane. (Alt. Key: 3862863)
  • McDonald Manor: Construction of a 12 unit apartment building located on the northeast corner of McDonald Avenue and Dewey Street in downtown (0.35 acres).  (Alt. Key: 1187460)
  • Niragi Plaza: Construction of a 4 suite commercial building totaling 7,000 s.f. on 3.3 acres.  The project is located on CR 44 just west of the Grand Island Dollar General Store.  (Alt. Key: 1407818)
  • Orange Avenue Townhomes: Construction of 32 townhomes located just west of the Orange Avenue Dollar General Store off of Orange Avenue (3.9 acres).  (Alt. Key: 3800590)
  • Pine Meadows Reserve Subdivision Phase I: Construction of a 209 home subdivision (Phase I) on 242 acres located just west of Cobb Tractor off of E CR 44. (Alt. Keys: 1061725, 1097088, 1408041, 1718881, 3839242, 3839391, 3839392, and 3839388)
  • Plastic Coatings and Linings: Construction of a 10,500 s.f. metal building with 6 bays in the Cobb Commercial Park (Lot 7) (3.9 acres) on Cobb Drive.  (Alt. Key: 3930076)
  • Sports Training Facility: Located at 2001 South Bay Street.  This project entails the renovation of a former church into a sports training facility.  The original purpose for the 18,965 s.f. building was a grocery store on 1.4 acres at Bay Street and Idlewild Avenue.  (Alt. Keys: 1195110, 3851833)
  • Trout Lake Nature Center Improvements: Construction of 82 parking spaces, a welcome center, a maintenance building, museum (with storage) and a lab with an office on the Trout Lake Nature Center campus.  (Alt. Keys: 1214181, 2935383, 2991038, 3680316)
  • Warehouse Flex Building: 1361 Cobb Drive - Construction of 2 metal buildings totaling 21,161 s.f. with 13 offices plus storage and/or warehouse space for each office on 1.45 acres in the Cobb Commerce Park.  (Alt. Key: 3910930)

Alt. Key: Lake County Property Appraiser’s Alternate Key Number

Recently Completed

  • A Wish or Two Ago French Bakery & Market (318/320 S. Grove Street): Conversion of two single family structures into a bakery and market.  (Alt. Keys: 1189527, 1189535)
  • Burger King #1837 (16038 US Highway 441): Renovated the interior and exterior of the store including adding double order stations. (Alt. Key: 1244366)
  • Eleven Oaks Subdivision: Development of a 14.7 acre site with 35 homes and 34 townhomes on property at the intersection of E Orange Avenue and E. CR 44 in the western part of the City. (Alt. Key: 3916327)
  • Eustis Emergency Department & Urgent Care (17021 US Highway 441): Conversion of an 11,812 square foot old CVS Store into an emergency room and Urgent Care (UF Health). This 1.4 acre site is located at the intersection of US Highway 44 and  Eudora Road. (Alt. Key: 1060039)
  • Farmsted 44 Condos: Construction of 5 duplexes on 2.4 acres at Spring Ridge Estates (E. CR 44 and  Cypress Grove Road) and conversion from duplexes to individual condominiums (10 units). (Alt. Key: 3950203)
  • Freestanding Emergency Room: Construction of a 10,860 s.f. emergency room on 3.11 acres at Lake Woodward and U.S. Highway 441. (Alt. Key: 1782597)
  • Forward Paths Tiny Homes: Construction of 10 tiny homes (for young adults leaving foster care) on 1.2 acres between S. Grove Street, E. Key and E. Woodward Avenues. (Alt. Key: 1190321)
  • Hometown Properties Investments Building (201 E. Orange Avenue): Expansion of the current 29,463 sq. ft. Powersports building to 43,236 sq. ft. This addition will include new space for a service bay, parts storage, reception area and pre-delivery area. (Alt. Keys: 2517590, 3285212)
  • Lake Lincoln Subdivision: The construction of 121 single family lot subdivision at the intersection of Estes Road and Bates Ave (or Lake Lincoln Lane) on 35.83acres. (Alt. Keys: 1123542, 2567236)
  • Mayhill Subdivision: The construction of a 49 single family lot subdivision on 13.3 acres at the intersection of Estes Road and Bates Avenue. Formerly known as Bates Subdivision. (Alt. Keys: 3862864, 3862865. 3862866)

Alt. Key: Lake County Property Appraiser’s Alternate Key Number

Historic Preservation Board

Meetings held at 5:30 p.m. on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month in Commission Chambers in City Hall located at 10 N. Grove Street, Eustis, FL.

  • January 10 (cancelled)
  • March 13
  • May 8
  • July 10
  • September 11
  • November 13


Historic Preservation Code of Ordinances

Approval of Minutes

Affordable Housing Inventory List

Inventory of Properties Appropriate 

for use as Affordable Housing


In compliance with Florida Statue Chapter 166 Section 0451, Disposition of Municipal Property for affordable housing, the City of Eustis Florida, has below provided an inventory of all real property within its jurisdiction to which the municipality, or any dependent special district within its boundaries holds fee simple title which is appropriate for use as affordable housing.

The information provided herein was sourced from the Lake County Property Appraiser’s Website, September 30, 2023. Please logon to that site (Welcome to The Property Appraiser's Office for Lake County, Florida ( and enter the Alternate Key Number provided for each property to obtain the latest data and details for the listed properties.

Please Note: Development of any property from the foregoing Inventory of Properties Appropriate for use as Affordable Housing List shall follow all existing City of Eustis land use regulations, including site engineering, site plan review, final engineering and construction project approval, and evaluation by the Development Review Committee. It must also comply with zoning, subdivision, and other applicable ordinances and regulations.

Important Note: The City of Eustis Inventory of Properties Appropriate for use as Affordable Housing List is being posted in preliminary draft form to satisfy the statutory deadline for publishing the list on our website. Before it can become final it must be reviewed at a public hearing, and receive City Commission approval. The official list will be posted when those two conditions have been met.  

Inventory of Properties Appropriate for use as Affordable Housing List

Below are the summary details of the 10 properties, owned by the City of Eustis, that have been inventoried as suitable for affordable housing, consistent with the requirements of F.S 166.0451.


Inventory of Properties Appropriate for Affordable Housing

Inventory of Properties Appropriate for

use as Affordable Housing List

Map Location 

affordable housing map.png