Spirit Awards

Published on May 13, 2024

Mayor Michael Holland, Commissioner Emily Lee and Commissioner Hawkins introducing the Eustis Employee Spirit Awards

More than two dozen City of Eustis employees were recognized Wednesday, May 8, 2024 at the annual Spirit Awards luncheon, held at the Eustis Community Center, including Walt Linton, Utility Supervisor in the Wastewater Department, who was honored for 30 years of service to the city. Longevity service awards were also presented to Chrissy Selage, Senior Staff Assistant, of the Eustis Police Department and Ervin Palmer, Maintenance Worker with Public Works, for 25 years of service; Devon Evans, Superintendent with Public Works, Chuck Bogert, Street Supervisor with Public Works and Sophia Swoboda, Lab Manager in the Wastewater Department, for 20 years of service; Joy McKenzie, Budget and Finance Planning Manager in the Finance Department, for 15 years of service; Cathy Hilderbrandt, Library Technician at the Eustis Memorial Library, David Durden, Lead Operator in the Water Department, Jeff Crider, Mechanic Supervisor of the Public Works Department, Megan Hunsicker, Senior Staff Assistant, and Leonard Arnold, Sergeant, both with the Eustis Police Department; and Marcos Vega, Operator A with Wastewater, for 10 years of service; and Margarita Hernandez, Maintenance Crew Chief, and John Fairweather, Assistant Sexton, of Public Works, Francisco Lozano, Heavy Equipment Operator with the Water Department, Christine Guiffre, Vendor and Community Relations Coordinator with the Events Department, and from the Eustis Police Department, Joe Rittenhouse, Code Enforcement Officer, Zach Steele, Corporal, and Stephen Parker, Senior Officer, all for 5 years of service.

“It’s an honor to recognize all of these incredible employees for the time they have dedicated to the City of Eustis,” said Mayor Michael Holland. “The members of the City Commission and I would like to congratulate them for their service.”

In addition to the longevity awards, more than a dozen employees were nominated by their co-workers and recognized as outstanding in their roles, in accordance with the City’s S.P.I.R.I.T. motto, which stands for Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Results, Involved, and Teamwork. The winners were Anna Vilches, Senior Staff Assistant with Parks and Recreation, for Service; Corporal Adam Abdelmessih of the Eustis Police Department, for Professionalism; Neil Geber, Sexton with Public Works for Integrity; Stevie Seruga, Permit Clerk with the Building Department for Results; Michelle Saxman, Assistant Project Manager with Engineering for Involved; and Melissa Fuller, Environmental Compliance Supervisor with the Water Department, for Teamwork.

“We would like to thank all of these outstanding City employees who work hard every day to ensure that our residents are provided with professional and courteous service,” said City Manager Tom Carrino. “The services the City provides are second to none in our region, and we want to ensure that our employees are recognized for their dedication and spirit.”