City Manager's Office

Outside Look of the City Manager's Office

Ron Neibert, the City Manager, is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the City and provides centralized direction and leadership for the effective administration and operations of all municipal services for the City of Eustis as directed by the City Commission and serves as the focal point for the management of the City staff.

The City Manager prepares and submits to the City Commission a balanced plan of municipal services in adherence with the policy goals and objectives established by the City Commission while employing such managerial techniques as needed to assure efficient and effective utilization of the City's resources.

The City Manager manages all City-owned public utilities operated and managed by the City and enforces all laws, ordinances, and regulations relative to the preservation and promotion of public health and welfare of the community.

Department Head

City Manager Ron Neibert Headshot

City Manager - Ron Neibert

Eustis City Manager since May of 2015. He Attended Eastern Illinois Univ., United States Marine Corps’ Officer’s Candidate School, and Southern Illinois Univ. His career began as a Planner in the City of Fairview Heights, IL., held Econ. Development positions in Mt. Carmel, IL., and Columbia, IL. Later he became the City Administrator in Vandalia, IL., and then City Manager of Mt. Vernon IL.