City of Eustis Announces Enhanced EV Charging Infrastructure

Published on June 26, 2024

Updated Charging Stations

The City of Eustis is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Optimus Energy Solutions, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions and the largest ChargePoint reseller in the Southeast. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainable transportation and the expansion of EV infrastructure in Eustis. In addition, the City has invested in brand-new electric vehicle chargers. This upgrade is part of our commitment to supporting sustainable transportation and providing reliable charging options for our community.

Optimus Energy Solutions is proud to be a Central Florida ChargePoint Partner. They deliver fast, efficient, and reliable EV charging solutions to businesses and homeowners across the region, ensuring that EV charging stations are accessible where and when EV drivers need them. As part of the ChargePoint network, Optimus Energy Solutions offers numerous advantages, including:

• The largest EV charging network in the world.

• Networked stations for both owner and user functionality.

• Superior 24/7/365 driver support.

• Seamless monitoring through the ChargePoint mobile app.

As part of our ongoing partnership, the City of Eustis will implement a new fee structure for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Effective August 1st, 2024, a fee of $2.50 per hour will be applied, with an additional $2.50 charge per hour after a 30-minute grace period once the vehicle is fully charged. This policy is designed to promote fair usage and ensure the availability of charging stations for all EV drivers in our community.

This fee structure aims to achieve several key objectives:

• User Behavior: Charging fees can influence user behavior, encouraging efficient use of chargers and discouraging long-term parking after charging is complete, ensuring that chargers remain available for all users.

• Affordability: The city is committed to ensuring that charging remains affordable for all users while promoting efficient usage patterns.

• Cost Recovery: Fees are essential for recovering the costs of installing and operating charging stations, including electricity, maintenance, and necessary infrastructure upgrades.

• Infrastructure Expansion: Revenue from these fees will be reinvested in expanding the charging network, improving accessibility, and promoting further adoption of electric vehicles throughout the city.

This partnership and the new fee structure are part of Eustis' broader efforts to support sustainable transportation and meet the growing demand for EV infrastructure. By investing in reliable and accessible charging solutions, we aim to make Eustis a leader in environmental stewardship and innovation. For more information about the partnership or details on the new EV charging stations, please contact Elis Forman.

To see more information about the Optimus Energy Solutions/ChargePoint EV charging stations, visit the link below.

City of Eustis 10 N. Grove St. Eustis, FL
32726 352-483-5430

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kay Yaccarino Public Relations Manager City of Eustis