Public Works

Public Works Outside Pouring Concrete

Public Works Director - Rick Gierok

The City of Eustis Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance and construction of City streets, street signs, sidewalks, trees on the road right-of-ways, the stormwater system (swales, inlets, retention ponds, etc.), and the mowing of the right-of-ways and parks. The Public Works Department is also responsible for the operations of the Engineering Department, Water Department, Wastewater Department and the Greenwood Cemetery.

Public Works Responsibilities:
  • Street resurface / reseal
  • Tree trimming / removal
  • Pothole repair
  • Stormwater
  • Sidewalk installation / repair
  • City vehicle maintenance
  • Street Sweeping
  • City structure / building maintenance
  • Parks and open space maintenance



Learn more about stormwater runoff and how you can help protect our environment from pollution. 


Is there a pothole or street issue in the City limits of Eustis? If so, please let us know. 

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If you live outside of the City limits in Lake County (Unincorporated), please see the County Contacts Below:

Lake County Public Works
(352) 253-9000

Lake County Road Department
(352) 669-2814

Lake County Road Sign Department
(352) 742-1766 

FL State Road & Sign Office
(352) 315-3100