Garden Room

Inside the Garden Room Facility Rental

Attached to Carver Park, the Garden Room is a perfect place for your mid-size private event. This quaint facility is host to many picnic gatherings as Carver Park sits just behind the facility. It is equipped with a kitchenette and garden-style tables for your convenience.

Seating / Table Capacity


  • 75 People - Auditorium Style 
  • 75 People - Dinner Style (based on 10 chairs per table)
  • 40 People - Classroom Style

Table / Chair Style Available

(pre-set according to agreed floor plan): 

  • 8' x 30" rectangular / 29" high tables, (10 chairs max. per table)
  • 30" x 30" card tables
  • Chairs - padded



Kitchen Area

Kitchen includes refrigerator, microwave, ice maker, coffee pot, and food preparation/clean-up area. 

Floor Plans

Floor plans are required at time of contract. Changes allowed no later than 30 days prior to event.


Alcohol Requirements

** No alcohol allowed at this facility - no exceptions. ** 



Facility Rental Rates


Refund contingent upon the condition of facility following usage:

  • Chaperones: Required for all youth functions; 1 per every 25 minors
  • Liability/Host Liquor: The City Manager or Designee reserves the right to require Liability Insurance and/or Host Liquor Liability Insurance for any function at a City facility.
  • Sales Tax: 7% on hourly rental total.  


  • Security Deposit due at completion of contract.  
  • All fee balances are due four (4) weeks prior to function.  The fees listed below do not cover refundable deposits or insurance. 
  • All rentals are non-smoking facilities. 
  • Rental hours are available from 8:00 a.m. – Midnight

RESIDENT: $35.00 / hour 

NON-RESIDENT: $40.00 / hour 



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