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The St. Johns River Water Management District’s (SJRWMD) watering restrictions are designed to ensure the efficient use of water for landscape irrigation. 

Water Conservation and the Water Restriction Rules by St. Johns River Water Management District applies to all areas of Lake County and must be followed by all residents of the County.

For more information, please contact the Eustis Water Department at (352) 357-5618.

Time of Year   Homes with ODD numbered   
or no addresses
 Homes with EVEN 
     numbered addresses       
 Daylight Saving Time  Wednesday/Saturday  Thursday/Sunday  

 Eastern Standard Time   Saturday  Sunday


  • No watering between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on your designated day!
  • Daylight Saving Time: Second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November.
  • Eastern Standard Time: First Sunday in November until the second Sunday in March. 

A summary of the restrictions apply below:

  • Irrigation is limited to no more than ¾” of water per irrigation zone per irrigation day.
  • Irrigation is limited to no more than one hour per irrigation zone per irrigation day.
  • Irrigation is limited to only that amount necessary to meet landscape needs.
  • Irrigation limitations apply to water withdrawn from ground or surface water, from a private well or pump, or from a public or private utility.
  • New landscape may be watered any day of the week for the first 30 days as needed. Then every other day for the next 30 days as needed. Once 60 days have passed, all water users are required to follow the above watering restrictions.

For questions or concerns about the watering schedule, please call the City of Eustis Water Division at 352-357-5618. For additional information on watering restrictions, Please visit www.sjrwmd.com/wateringrestrictions/restrictions.html

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Free Conservation Kitswaterkit
Free Indoor Water Conservation Kits to Eustis water customers. Homes must be built in 1998 or before and must be located in City limits. Call (352) 357-5618 for more information.

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The City of Eustis is pleased to provide these fun water educational sites for families and students. Click on the icon to the left to learn about ways to save water. You’ll find great information, games and classroom activities.