Utility Billing Schedule

Billing Cycle *

Reading Date

 Billing Date

 Due Date

Disconnect Date **

1 1st - 4th 6th 2nd
2 5th - 8th 10th 5th
3 9th - 10th 12th 7th
4 11th - 13th 15th 10th
5 14th - 16th 18th 14th
6 17th - 19th 21st 16th
7 20th - 22nd 24th 19th
8 23rd - 26th 28th 23rd
9 27th - 30th 30th 26th 4th

* Note: The first number of the customer’s Cycle and Route number is the billing cycle in which the service location is placed. ( Example 06-62 is in Cycle Route 06.)  Reading dates, billing dates, due dates, and disconnect dates are approximate and may vary somewhat from month to month.

** Note: As directed by City of Eustis Code of Ordinances, Section 94-264, "Failure of the user to receive a monthly bill shall not release or diminish the obligation of the user with respect to timely payment of the bill. Bills for water and sewerage service shall be due and payable on or before the due date printed on the monthly statement. If any utility bill remains unpaid beyond the eighth day after the due date on the bill, water and sewerage service shall be disconnected by the city."