Garbage & Refuse Service

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Notice of Sanitation Collection Rate and Service Changes


Holiday Schedule
Memorial Day, July 4th
Labor Day, Thanksgiving
Christmas, New Year's Day
If a Holiday falls on your service day, all services will be performed the next day, excluding Sundays.

Quarterly Clean-up Schedule

Feb.       2/15/21 to 2/19/21
May       5/3/21 to 5/7/21
Aug.      8/2/21 to 8/6/21
Nov.      11/1/21 to 11/05/21

During these Quarterly Cleanup periods, Waste Management will pick up all bulk items (furniture and appliances), yard trash, and other properly prepared and bundled non-exempt items. No pallets or construction debris. All bulk collections will be performed on the customer's regular collection day. A mechanical truck will collect any items that cannot be collected by the regular collection vehicle during the collection week. Normal restrictions for collection apply. 

Bulk Item Pickup
Customers can make a request for large items at any time. Call (352) 589-4333 to request the service.
For more information about garbage collection services in Eustis, please contact Water Customer Service at (352) 589-4333