Events posted on the City's website and community events calendar are open to the public, community oriented, are held in Eustis or held by a Eustis organization. Posted events are limited to government and law enforcement agencies, public and private educational institutions, local nonprofit organizations, local service groups and local social and recreational clubs. Regularly scheduled events and meetings, excluding City Commission Meetings and Workshops (i.e. fitness classes, church services or events, etc.), private events, and business, commercial or garage sale advertisements will not be posted. Events being held in public parks or roadways, or on City property must be permitted prior to posting to this site. Events that clearly indicate a paid political ad campaign will not be posted. The City reserves the right to refuse to post or remove announcements that are deemed offensive, inappropriate, not in the public interest or in conflict with this policy or the mission of the City of Eustis.

To have your event listed, please send all pertinent information including: name of event, date, time, location address, cost (if any) and a phone number for the public to contact, and send to