2013-2014 Strategic Plan

Vision (Our Future)
Eustis is a vibrant lakefront community with a well integrated local economy strengthened by creativity and innovation. It is a community that respects and honors its history and its rich natural environment. It provides residents, workers, and visitors a friendly, welcoming sense of place.

Mission (Our Fundamental Purpose)
Create a superior quality of life by engaging and partnering with the community to provide financially prudent and customer friendly services.

Core Values

Eustis "SPIRIT"

We  Serve 
We are  Professional 
We act with  Integrity 
We produce  Results 
We are  Involved 
We practice  Teamwork 


Eustis Spirit skewedWhat is the Strategic Plan?
The Strategic Plan is a listing of goals, strategies and actions for the City Commission and Staff to make the City's Vision a reality. The Strategic Plan also outlines the City's Mission and Core Values, as well as the Commission's strategies and actions beyond 2013-2014.

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City of Eustis Goals 2013-14
  To be a beautiful, livable City with a vibrant lakefront identity 
  To expand the local economy 
  To provide quality, cost-effective public services