City Projects

Water Department Blue Pipe
City public works projects that are currently taking place throughout the city limits. 


Bates Ave WWTP Expansion:

The Phase 1 engineering package has been completed.  Staff is reviewing the report which identifies future flows and the alternatives to handle flows.  Phase 2 Engineering has been awarded, and the team is now in design to provide the construction plans.  This will be a Construction Management at Risk project, or CMAR.  The Contractor will provide input and suggestions as the Phase 2 plans are being designed.

Commission Chamber Renovations: 

Completed and re-opened for City Commission Meetings.For the past three months, the Eustis City Commission has been meeting at the Community Building while an extensive renovation has been underway to the City Hall Commission Room.  The renovation included new paint, carpeting, seating and sound system.  In addition to the room being visibly improved and more comfortable, residents should also be able to notice a significant improvement to the sound in the room as well as improved livestreaming for those unable to attend meetings in person.  The City was able to move this project forward as a result of the CARES Act monies the City received as part of monies provided by the federal government in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Eastern WWTP Transfer Pump Station:

A contract has been awarded for the construction of the Easter WWTP Transfer Pump project.  The contractor has started the submittal process.  This project will be coincide with the reclaim pond lining project.  Both projects should start hard construction at the beginning of the year.

Woodward Ave. Improvements:  

This project is a partnership between City Public Works crews and a private contractor.  Construction has begun on the City portion of the project.  The roadway has been demolished from Lakeshore Dr. to Jackson St.  The concrete has been removed and the new road base has been installed and compacted.  Curbing is being formed up for the concrete pour on the southern side of the road.  Once this phase is paved and completed, the stormwater improvements will begin at Stevens Ave. As this phase of work is completed, Art Walker construction will mobilize to perform their section of the project.


Please obey all posted speed limits and signage. Your patience and cooperation are greatly appreciated.  If you have any questions or concerns you may call Mike Brisson, City of Eustis Project Manager at 352-483-5460 or email at