Residential garbage collection rate

Solid Waste Collection


Yard Trash Collection


Recycling Collection




Franchise Fee (7%)


Billing Charge




Additional Charges

Special Pick-Up Charge

$19.12 /Yard (2 Yard Minimum)

Bulk Waste Charge (over 3 Yards)

$17.36 /Yard

Disabled Off-Street Service (Solid Waste and Recycling ) Standard Rate applies 

No Charge

Regular Off-Street Service (Solid Waste and Recycling ) See $17.33 rate above 

$6.77 Extra/Month

Recycling Bin Replacement Fee


Special City Assistance Charge (One Truck/Two Men)

$83.39 /Hour

Quarterly Clean-Up

No Charge

For more information about garbage collection services in Eustis, please contact the Water Customer Service Department at (352) 589-4333