Garbage and Debris Collection (Post Hurricane Irma)

Garbage and Debris Collection

The City of Eustis continues to collect the vegetative storm debris left behind Hurricane Irma.  Due to the large volume of vegetative debris it has been difficult to estimate how long the collection process will take.   Please be patient with our contractor and Public Works department as they make their way around the city.  They are more than halfway through the first collection cycle and will continue to pick-up vegetative debris until they have circulated the entire city twice.   The full collection of storm debris will be completed within the next three weeks.

Residential Guidelines for Separating Garbage from Storm Debris at the Curb

It is important that storm debris remain separate from residential garbage and recycling.  Public Works and contractors will be collecting storm related vegetative debris and Waste Management employees will collect your household garbage and recycling.   Separating household waste from storm debris will allow for these services to pick-up the different categories of waste more quickly.    Piles of mixed debris WILL NOT be removed.   It is also important that all the debris is placed curbside as crews WILL NOT remove debris from private property.  

 Safety Guidelines:

  • Be sure the debris and waste containers are not blocking mailboxes, power lines, storm drains, or fire hydrants.
  • Keep roadways and sidewalks as clear as possible.
  • Avoid parking your car near debris piles and waste containers.
  • Keep children and pets away from debris piles and waste containers, and watch them carefully when heavy equipment is in the area.
  • Drive carefully when behind debris-loaded trucks.  Materials can fly out causing an accident or driving hazard.  Leave a safe distance between your vehicle and the truck.




Service Guidelines

Household Garbage and Recycling

Waste Management will collect on your regularly scheduled service day.

Yard Waste

Non-storm related yard waste will be collected by Waste Management on your regularly scheduled service day.  Please ensure these are bagged, containerized or properly prepared.

See for more information.

Storm Related Vegetative Debris

Public Works and contractor will remove this debris if placed curbside over the next three weeks.



Other Resources

Residents may also take storm-related vegetative debris to the Lake County Central Landfill Facility or convenience centers.


Central Landfill Facility (13130 County Landfill Road, Tavares): Open 7 days from 7am-7pm until further notice


Convenience Centers: Open Mon-Sat from 8am-5pm until further notice.

  • 200 Jackson St, Lady Lake
  • 54711 Astor Transfer Station Road, Astor
  • 25014 Rancho Lane, Paisley
  • 10435 Log House Road, Clermont
  • 32520 W. State Road 44, Deland


ALL residential disposal fees have been suspended until further notice.

Further Lake County Disposal information can be found at: