Participants of the "Mow to Own" Program Receive Deeds

Participants of the
"Mow to Own" Receive Deeds

EUSTIS, Fla. (March 8, 2019) – In 2016, the City of Eustis started a new program called, “Mow to Own.” The program aimed to reduce the number of City-owned, vacant lots by allowing acquisition of property through routine maintenance instead of a cash purchase. Mow to Own eligible properties were smaller properties, less than a half an acre in size, generally located in residential neighborhoods.

The Mow to Own applicants had to maintain vacant, City-owned property for two years by mowing grass, raking leaves, removing fallen trees or branches, picking up trash and keeping compliance with all City Ordinances. On successful completion of the two-year maintenance period, the property ownership would be transferred to the applicant. One of the applicants that completed the two year process, Brad Verkaik, thought it was a great idea. “From my end, the process was easy and well explained. I would definitely do it again if the opportunity presented itself.”

Mow to Own Participant Brad Verkaik

Claudio Brito, another applicant that completed the process, said, “It was a privilege to participate in the program. It was a lot work in the last two years, but the program gave us the opportunity to build something.”

Mow to Own Participant Claudio Brito

City Manager Ron Neibert is pleased with the results of the Mow to Own program. “Thus far, this unique program allowed conveyance of 16 properties to private owners, with more to follow.  “Mow to Own” has given opportunity for participants to become property owners, and provide for potential future development, while reducing City maintenance expenses and returning the properties to the tax rolls.”

The City intends to offer this program once again when an inventory of surplus properties exists.  Anyone interested in participating in future Mow to Own property offerings should watch for the Latest News on our website and our Facebook page @CityofEustis.

For more information please visit our website at or contact Development Services at (352) 483-5460.