From Plans to Progress - City Development Updates

From Plans to Progress City Development Updates 

EUSTIS, Fla. (Jan. 25, 2019) - Below are updates of some of the work projects taking place around the City of Eustis. 

Palmetto Plaza – Phase II

The restrooms and pergola are nearing completion. All underground electrical on the west side of the job site has been laid out, installed, inspected and covered up. Grading on the east side will take place this week and once the underground electrical is installed, colored concrete will be poured for the hardscape.

Lakeview Ave.
Sanitary Sewer:  Construction crews are close to completing the sanitary sewer upgrades on Lakeview Ave.  The main trunk line has been installed and crews are currently completing the installation of the new laterals.  There are two sanitary manholes left to install, one at the intersection of Lakeview Ave. and Fahnstock St. and the other at the intersection of Lakeview Ave. and Orange Ct.  The intersection of Fahnstock and Lakeview will be completely closed during the setting of these two structures.  As soon as installation dates are set, they will be posted on the City website, along with alternate routes.  Installation of the two manholes should take 1-2 days once construction begins. 

Storm System:  The storm conveyance system is complete.  Installation of the curbing and inlet tops between Hillscrest Ct. and Jasmine St. should be completed by Friday, January 25th

Water System:  The new waterline is complete and all tie-ins are done.

Road Reconstruction:  Grading and prepping for Lakeview Ave. between Hillcrest Ct. and Jasmine St. is currently taking place.  Driveway aprons will be removed, re-poured and broken sidewalks will be repaired.  The crews will give residents a one-day notice regarding the aprons and driveways.  Once poured, the concrete must cure for 24 hours before it can be driven over. 

Ardice / Stormwater Drainage
This project includes the installation of a stormwater system along Ardice Avenue, Ruleme Street and Oak Lynn Street.  All streets will be completely resurfaced within the project limits.  Additionally, Oak Lynn Street will be fully reconstructed changing the roadway section from a crowned road to an inverted crown.

The project was delayed a bit as a partnership was formed with an area property owner to use an existing stormwater pond to treat stormwater for the project.  Eustis City Commission has approved a plan to award portions of the project to Florida Safety Contractors while City Public Works crews complete the remainder of the project