From Plans to Progress - City Development Updates

From Plans to Progress
City Development Updates 

EUSTIS, Fla. (October 12, 2018) - Below are updates of some of the work projects taking place around the City of Eustis.  

Palmetto Plaza – Phase II
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The contractor has obtained a building permit and has started the layout for the bathroom facility. The contractor is also working on the grading in the northeast quadrant of the project.

Lakeview Ave
The main trunk line for the storm system has been installed from the western end of the project to Townhill Drive. CenturyLink has kept contractors on-site to mitigate conflicts between telecommunications lines and storm water construction.  The potable water lines are installed and crossings and connections continue.

Eastern WWTP
This project is complete, and the final invoice/engineering report has been submitted to SJRWMD. The plant continues to perform at a very high level of nitrogen reduction.

Sunset Island/Skate Park
The Contractor has started to demobilize from the site.  The walkway is being poured today at the bowl, and one pour remains on the street course.  Eustis Public Works personnel have started the grading operations and will install the flatwork and storm swales.  The City is working with Duke Energy on the pole relocation. There is a meeting today with the landscaper to determine the scope of the landscape installation. 

Ardice / Stormwater Drainage
The bid opened on Sept. 18, and the City received two responses. Staff are now evaluating bids and the project budget. Public Works is in negotiations with the contractor and working to determine what portions of the project can be self-performed to bring the project closer to budget.