Eustis, Fla. (August 24, 2018) - The new waterline on Lakeview Avenue has been completed.  FDEP has cleared the new waterline from Bay Street to Chesterfield Court and the City of Eustis crews are now beginning to tie services to the new line. 

For Your Safety

The contractor has planned shut downs of the water system at these intersections, to tie existing waterline crossings to the new line:

Grove St. and Lakeview Ave.         Monday, August 27th

Dewey St. and Lakeview Ave.        Tuesday, August 28th

Center St. and Lakeview Ave.        Wednesday, August 29th

Virginia St. and Lakeview Ave.       Tuesday, September 4th


Door hangers will be handed out to the residences affected along with precautionary boil water notices.  Residents will be notified when the boil water notice is rescinded.  More shutdowns will be scheduled in the near future.  Please check the City’s website for updates.

The sanitary sewer has been installed and is complete from Eustis Street to Chesterfield Court.

Unfortunately, the contractor is behind schedule due to utility conflicts with CenturyLink.  There are utilities in direct conflict with the storm system on the north side of Lakeview Avenue that were not brought to the engineer’s attention during the design phase of the project.  The City of Eustis is working with CenturyLink to resolve the situation. 

New curbing, sidewalk and driveways have been poured on the south side of Lakeview Avenue.  Once the utility conflicts have been resolved and storm piping has been installed, new curbing and driveways will be constructed on the north side of Lakeview Avenue. Once curbing is in, the rebuilding of the road can then resume. 

A friendly reminder that the speed limit on Lakeview Avenue is 30 mph.  Please obey all detours, traffic and speed limit signs for your safety and the safety of the contractors.

Thank You for your patience during this period.