Actively Caring for People



July 15, 2016

Today, Chief Calhoun and members of the Eustis Police Department personally thanked Maddie's grandfather and awarded him/Maddie with an "Actively Caring for People" wristband. Last week, Maddie brought in a self-made thank you card along with sweet treats thanking police officers for what we do. Maddie, was not in the photo because she was at Disney today, but she will be receiving a junior police shirt and care package from us.

 Thank you MADDIE AND FAMILY for caring enough to care and appreciate us !

 Stigdon July 26, 2016

Last Week, I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Carl Stigdon, a long time member of the Lake County Rotary Club. He came into the police department as a concerned and supporting person of law enforcement. He made a gracious donation to the police department which we are donating towards our upcoming Back-to-School Free Haircut Event on August 7th. 

Today, I awarded Carl with an Actively Caring for People Bracelet at the Lake County Rotary Club Meeting. Thank you Carl, for your support and continued generosity as a concerned citizen of this community         

August 5, 20Clark16

During the Eustis First Friday, Clark, owner and operator of “Strawberry’s Ice Cream and Treats” in downtown Eustis was recognized for his generosity and compassion. During the summer months, Clark and his wife caters to the youth in the community by serving up free ice cream to the kids from the Eustis Recreation Department and the Boys and Girls club. Clark and his staff served over 50 kids at a time during each event all while his shop was open to the public. Clark recently hosted “Cone with a Cop” with Eustis Police as a way to bring the community and police together for friendly conversation over ice cream treats. Everyone loves ice cream so, it was a huge success!

The Eustis Police Department would like to thank Clark for his commitment to serving the community in a positive way. For that, Clark was awarded with an Actively Caring 4 People bracelet. Way to Go Clark!

August 6,Ephiphany 2016

The Epiphany Anglican Church in Eustis hosted a Back-to-School Event for this upcoming school year. The event was geared towards their neighboring school, Eustis Heights Elementary School.

Church members and event organizers, Tami, Linda and Ken worked tirelessly for months in preparation for this awesome event. The event provided children and their families with backpacks, paper, pencils, notebooks, glue, crayons, and other miscellaneous school supplies. The event included a bounce house and food for the folks in attendance. Tami, Linda, and Ken’s vision of helping those kids in need with school supplies is just another example of a community member caring for one another which is exactly what AC4P represents.

At the conclusion of the event, Community Relations Sr. Officer Jim Franquiz presented the 3 with their AC4P bracelets in front of the members of the church’s congregation. Awesome job guys!

December 8, 2016ac4p bracelet

Most of us celebrate the holiday season by spending time with our families, friends and the loved ones in our lives. However, there are a few special individuals that care enough about others and feel compelled in their hearts to show their appreciation and give back. Two of those special people are Eustis residents Jerry and Marjorie DiCesare. They decided to show their appreciation to our police department by donating a $100 gift card from Dunkin Donuts.

Their generous donation will be utilized to provide refreshments for future police ceremonies here at the agency. On December 8, 2016, Community Relations Sr. Officer Jim Franquiz, presented them with “Actively Caring for People” wristbands. On behalf of Chief Calhoun and the entire agency, thank you Jerry and Marjorie!

AC4PFebruary 15, 2017

Today, members of the Eustis Recreation Department, Sara, Cartina, and Christine were presented with Actively Caring for People (AC4P) wristbands from Community Relations Detective, Jim Franquiz. These ladies went out of their way to deliver food from Golden Corral Restaurant to feed those night shift officers and dispatchers working Valentine’s Day evening.

Thank you ladies for your thoughtfulness and random act of kindness. Even though our staff couldn't be with loved ones, they were able to share a good hot meal together as a family.


About the AC4P Program 

On Monday June 20, 2016, the Eustis Police Department began implementing a community relations program titled AC4P which stands for “Actively Caring for People Policing”. The founder of this behavioral science, Dr. E. Scott Geller from Virginia came up with the term, “actively caring” in 1990 while working with a team of safety leaders at Exxon Chemical in Baytown, Texas. Following the 2007 Virginia Tech tragedy when an armed gunman took the lives of 32 students and faculty and injured 17 others, the AC4P concept took a new focus.

Dr. Geller and his team of students witnessed students helping others instead of thinking about themselves.Dr. Geller and his students envisioned applying this principle of positive reinforcement and spread the AC4P movement beyond Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus.

Dr. Geller and his students took green silicon wristbands, embossed with “Actively Caring for People,” which Dr. Geller had been distributing at safety conferences for two decades, and added a numbering system to enable computer tracking of the AC4P process: See, Act, Pass, and Share (SAPS). The SAPS process asks individuals and groups to look for AC4P behavior (i.e., See) and reward such AC4P behavior with a green wristband (i.e., Act). Wristband recipients are then requested to look for AC4P behavior from others and pass on the wristband (i.e., Pass). People will then be asked to document and share their exchange of AC4P behavior with the Eustis Police Department through our city website or through our social media page. 

Eustis Police Chief, Gary Calhoun, embraced this concept to be utilized in the City of Eustis. In March of 2016, members of the Eustis Police Department attended training for AC4P in Winter Park, FL. The wristbands, ordered in blue will represent our municipality police agency. This program will allow our officers to deliver positive consequences in ways that help cultivate interpersonal trust and actively-caring behavior among police officers and the citizens we serve. You can see more on how the program works by going onto the website.