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Interlocal Services

In accordance with the terms of an interlocal agreement with the City of Mount Dora and the City of Tavares, the department provides automatic response on all automatic alarms and structure fires within this neighboring city; a separate interlocal agreement with Lake County also provides for fire response and assistance within a defined service district outside the city limits. Through mutual aid agreements, the department stands ready to assist the City of Umatilla and the State of Florida, upon request.

   Lightweight Truss Symbol

Florida Statute, Section 633.027, requires the owner of any commercial, industrial or multiunit residential structure of three units or more constructed of light-frame trusses, to install a symbol adopted by rule of the State Fire Marshal’s Office.  Click HERE for more information about Lightweight Truss Symbols.


 Fire Inspection Division

The department has an Inspection Division to ensure safety for the businesses in the city. The Florida Fire Prevention Code mandates that all occupancies are to be inspected on an annual basis. If you are a local business and would like information regarding what an inspection entails, please review the Pre-Inspection Checklist.  If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to call the department and contact one of the inspectors.

Station 22 Contact Emergencies

100 W. Norton Ave.

Eustis, Florida 32726       

Business Calls: 

(352) 357-6585

(352) 357-2349

Emergencies Requiring Police, Fire, or Ambulance: Dial 911

Station 23  Contact Emergencies

1800 Hicks Ditch Rd. 

Eustis, Florida 32726

Business Calls: 

(352) 589-5457

(352) 357-2349

Emergencies Requiring Police, Fire, or Ambulance: Dial 911

hEstablished in 1883, The Eustis Fire Department is widely renown as the most professional fire department in Lake County.

The department serves a 10+ square mile area, with a population of more than 18,000. Based upon the average response time, equipment, dispatching services, water flow, service area, and the professional training of department personnel, the City's current ISO rating is a "2".

Under the direction of Fire Chief Michael Swanson, the department provides administrative, inspection, rescue, and suppression services to our community. Additionally, the department provides vehicle extrication services. Typically, the Eustis Fire Department responds to over 4,000 calls per year.


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