Business Tax Receipts


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Chapter 86 of the Eustis Code of Ordinances requires Business Tax Receipts for every person exercising the privilege of carrying on or engaging in any business within the City.

(No person shall engage in any business, profession, occupation, trade, or industry within the City without first having procured a Business Tax Receipt from the Finance Director, or designee, except that Special Events need only meet the requirements Article IV., Chapter 18 of the City of Eustis Code of Ordinances).

Businesses/organizations/persons providing evidence of exemption in accordance with Chapter 205 of the Florida Statutes shall not be subject to the business tax as outlined in Section 86- 233. However, they shall be subject to the requirements of Section 86-223, including application filing, application fee, approval of business location and building permit and/or life safety inspections and associated fees as applicable.

The Business Tax Receipt application and submittal checklist, including information regarding the approval process, can be found under resources below:

*Please note that Development Services will not accept incomplete applications.